Modern medicine and therapies may be less friendly on the environment, which creates a vicious cycle. It has been proven that low-quality environment can damage the health on multiple levels. Environmentalists have, lately, turned their attention to complementary and alternative medicine and therapies.

These treatment methods have proven effective in a series of instances and are also backed up by peer-reviews and research papers. These alternative therapies are used by a growing number of individuals. For instance, in the US, complementary and alternative therapies by a whopping percentage of 38% of adults and 12% of children. These therapies are also a preferred solution by those sufferers that want to live in tune with the environment. But let’s see which are some of the most popular therapies with minimal impact on the environment and high efficiency in treating different conditions.

Diet and Herbal Therapies

Our diets have evolved so much. People have evolved from eating simple diets like nuts and fruits and vegetables to eating lean meat and ultimately, foods rich in complex carbohydrates, oils and rich fats. Nutritional excess has become a huge problem for today’s modern human. Our diets today lead to certain chronic illnesses, diseases and infections. To regulate their bodies, people should focus more on adopting a healthier diet, but also seeking therapies that are derived from natural herbals.

For instance, CBD oil is one amazing compound, able to treat and improve a series of conditions, from depression, anxiety, chronic pains and aches. iSum’s guide on how to buy CBD oil near you will come in handy when you want to ensure that all CBD you purchase and administrate is coming from certified and verified sources. Ensuring that CBD oil is entirely natural is mandatory. Chemical derivates should be avoided at all costs if enjoying all the natural qualities of the oil is something patients look forward to. This is also a great way to ensure that the environment has not been damaged in the oil’s manufacturing process.

Traditional Alternative Medicine

This medicine field includes homeopathy, acupuncture and other oriental practices. For centuries, people have chosen to treat various conditions by using these and to include them in complex therapy schemes. Traditional alternative medicine includes, in short:

  • Acupuncture – in this therapy method thin needles are inserted into the body in certain key areas. Each body part has a corresponding internal organ and approaching a body part will show positive effects in said organ.
  • Ayurveda – with roots in the Ancient Indian subcontinent, this therapy form has been lately included in a series of wellness and mindfulness practices in countries all over the world.
  • Homeopathy – this therapy method has lately expanded in areas all over the world.
  • Naturopathy – this sort of therapy is based on the principle that people can treat various conditions through better diets, exercise and meditation.
  • Chinese and Oriental Medicine.

People today should look forward to integrating more alternative medicine therapies in their treatment schemes to reduce the damage chemical treatments have on their bodies and on the environment as well.