We are proud to announce that with the recent relaunch of OGTS earlier last year, we have been working heavily on our promotion efforts to ensure that we are not alone in saving our planet. There are billions of individuals out there, and it is difficult to get the attention you need in the world of banner blindness. For this reason, the OGTS staff is proud to announce our partnership with HireInfluence influencer marketing agency and subsequent partnership with individual influencer bloggers through their program to ensure that our message of keeping the environment in a stable condition for generations to come is not forgotten.

In the coming weeks, we will be promoted on several individual mom blogs. While these are small bloggers, using the influencer marketing agency that we are partnered with, the promotion will be across many blogs and hopefully add up. We would love for our readers to share this message as well, so feel free to share this post and our mission on social media!