Hello Over Grow The System community! Excuse the brief hiatus, although the website has not been as active as we would have liked, our efforts outside the internet have grown many times over! We are proud to introduce our first environmental corporate partner, Form Clinic, based in the United Kingdom.

Although we have more than 10 corporate sponsors at the time of this post, they have all originated from the company where we were founded: the United States. Part of the reason that we have been inactive on the web was due to expanding physical operations, and we believe this partnership with Form Clinic is a token showing that we successfully did just that.

Form Clinic has pledged to only use recycling of their materials where necessary. Additionally, they have undertaken the task of planting a sustainable tomato farm in the back area which they previously did not use. In the coming months as these tomatoes grow, they will continue to add other plants and rely less on sourced commercial foods that are often transported via plane and other vehicles that combust fossil fuels, leaving a trace on our environment.